Want some sexual tension? Listen to this song by middy

I can do this in my sleep

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middy is finally back. He returned from hiatus this week to release “Sleep Talk”. And he thinks it’s the best song he’s ever made.

“Sleep Talk” was produced by Ty Senoj and mixed and mastered by Krinny as a summery dancehall anthem. It’s a sensual song with lots of bounce and lots of sexual tension. It’s also a throwback. middy wrote this during a rough patch in September 2016. He’d just split with his girl and was trying to find his sound. But then he went on hiatus and the song got shelved.

middy spent his hiatus behind-the-scenes with other artists and listening to lots of different music. He also got a few pointers from Ty Senoj. Then he teased this track on Snapchat and people liked it. So he was forced to come out of hiding.

6 things you need to know about middy

  • He’s back from hiatus
  • I took a break from music for a while because I didn’t know what direction I wanted to go in. The music people were making sounded the exact same and I wanted to be different. So I started listening to different genres of music to find inspiration and I helped other artists from my area with their sound and lyrics.

  • “Sleep Talk” is his favourite song
  • This is definitely my favourite song I’ve written to date. I started working on this project in September 2016 when I was still trying to find a sound and lane that I belonged in. At the time I was going through a lot. I had a rough break up with my ex girlfriend, I was smoking way too much and trying to find ways to make fast money without getting arrested.

  • He was inspired by the girls who played him
  • Inspiration really came from all the girls who curved me and played games over the years. “Instagram hoe/ Talkin’ bout she too elite” was about a girl I used to work with who was poppin’ on IG. I took her on a couple dates and we vibed. But she wouldn’t let me hit and then I found out she had a boyfriend … REAL CRAZY!

  • He gets beats and life advice from Ty Senoj
  • The beat wasn’t originally supposed to be mine so I had to fight for it. My bro Ty Senoj produced the beat! I was with him when he did it and wrote my lyrics to it while he created it. He’s really been helping me with trying to find myself with music, fashion and girls.

  • He teased the song on Snapchat a few times
  • I previewed this song on my Snapchat a few times over the year and everybody seemed to love it. People got so excited for the short snippet so I continued to tease them with that. I knew I would have to put it out sooner than later. I thought it would be some heat for the cold weather in Toronto right now.

  • “Sleep Talk” is for foreplay
  • This song is definitely about sex but I wouldn’t listen to it during sex. It’s more for the foreplay leading up to it. I used to attend a lot of basement jams in high school. When girls would dance with you the dancing was sensual. It was basically a game of teasing each other the entire night and this has that same build up.

How have you changed since your hiatus?

“Personally I’ve learned to love myself and be comfortable being alone. Artistically I’ve learned to be different and go on beats in ways that other artists wouldn’t. When you hear the first couple seconds of the song you would think that I’d try to make it corny with a Jamaican accent or something. But that’s typical and everybody has heard that already.”

The story behind the cover art

middy - sleep talk

“I took the photo in a restaurant in Whitby, Ontario called Pete’s Big Burgers.

I told my photographer that I was literally just going to sleep in various locations and this was the photo I liked the most.”

– middy

Listen: Sleep Talk

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