Love is like biking – and KRS RAGA told us why

This feels like biking

KRS RAGAPhoto by Felice

There’s nothing like new love. It’s exciting, starry eyed and all-consuming. And it’s one of the best feelings in the world. That’s why KRS RAGA wrote “Biking.”

“Biking” was self produced as a sun kissed ballad about new love. It’s a throwback to 2017 when KRS RAGA had just started a new relationship. So she wrote the song to memorialize her summer of biking around Toronto and falling head over heels.

The video was directed by SARU as an escape into a Shangri-la of sunshine and cuteness. It’s a journey through the little moments of love as well as the sad realization that new love is fleeting.

Why I wrote this song

“Biking” is the best song I’ve ever made. It’s a “sound album” of exactly how I felt around the time that I wrote it. Biking is literally one of my favourite things to do and it’s even better when you have someone you love biking up ahead of you. This song is actually my baby – I love it so much!

3 things we learned about KRS RAGA

  • She self-produces most of her music
  • I always start off on Logic Pro. When it came to the production for “Biking” I knew I needed guitar on the song. So as soon as I found that guitar sample I knew exactly what drums would need to come next. Then came the writing, which all happened so fast. After writing the first verse I fell straight into the chorus naturally. It all just felt so right. I really felt like I was storytelling from start to finish which is something I want to continue doing in the future since I think it’s working for me. Sample producing doesn’t hurt either. It can all fall together so quick and perfect if you know what you’re doing.

  • This is what she means by “this feels like biking”
  • The comparison comes from a place of excitement of experiencing a new love. Every time I hop on a bike it feels new to me. Especially having such rough winters here in Toronto. It’s about being present and not being tied to responsibility or stress of any sort. “Hair blowing, I’m not going anywhere” was my version of saying there’s nowhere else but here in this moment that I am focused on. But near the end is where I acknowledge that the excitement eventually dies down and winter always comes: “.. I don’t wanna scare you but the crash is certainly coming.”

  • “Biking” is a summer love story
  • It was just before summer had started that I started dating this boy and I found myself biking over to his house a lot and really enjoying those bike rides. Everything was super exciting around this time because I was having so much fun. I wrote and recorded this song from my bedroom. And I just remember not having to sugarcoat any of the lyrics because the reality of my life at that moment didn’t have to be painted over. So most of the lyrics are super literal. Everything I said is exactly what we did.


How has this scenario played out in your own relationships?

The scenario showcases my lack of balance in relationships. I swear I’m an adrenaline junkie when it comes to falling in love because it’s something that doesn’t happen often for me. I love excitement but there’s always a crash. I’m still learning how to drive slow in relationships so the crash won’t be so traumatizing the way it has been in the past. And I’m learning how to stop at red lights and read signs in my relationships. I’m learning how to be present but not so oblivious to my surroundings. Lastly I’m learning how to repair the damages.

What was the vision for this video?

The video was directed by SARU so I really trusted him with his own vision for the song. He did such a good job of translating exactly how I had felt last summer without even knowing me personally. And for that I am so grateful. Every time I watch the “Biking” video I feel a sense of nostalgia because I’ve felt the start of something so beautiful and I’ve also seen the fate. SARU speaks the language of memory so well through his work. Everyone who was involved did a beautiful job storytelling, special shout out to Silas the God who did the titles.

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