lil lonely made an unromantic love song we can all relate to

Let's just be honest

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You’re probably not as honest as you think you are. And that’s why lil lonely made “DISHONEST”.

“DISHONEST” was self produced as an unromantic love song about fronts and facades. It’s a drippy, sad boy realization that everything you’ve become is a lie. It’s not an intentional thing though – it’s just basic human instinct.

We’re taught to mask our fears and insecurities to become what others want us to be. We pick and choose what we reveal to others and hope they’ll accept us for who we aren’t.

This is why I’m dishonest

“I’ve never been a very social person – let alone do I have many friends. So opening about my personal life is always a challenge. Many times I feel the need to lie about what I do to avoid confrontation and very redundant conversations. “What do you study in?” people commonly ask. Well I don’t. I just make music. I like to take pictures and I like making art in any medium I can. “Do your parents support what you do?” they later ask. No. And that is why some of my relationships are dishonest.”

4 things we learned about lil lonely

  • He wanted to make a sad boy song
  • I already knew right away after finding the chord progression that I wanted the song to be a love song or a ballad. That’s why I chose to make a slow drum beat over the really spacious pianos, giving it that very sad boy, after hours sound.

  • “Dishonest” started as a Future parody
  • Ironically I got some lyrical inspiration from Future’s “Honest.” My lyrics started off as a parody to his and I later realized how brutally honest my lyrics were to myself. My lyrics still are a comedic response to not only Future’s lyrics but also to the rap lifestyle. After I finished writing the lines I recorded the vocals inside my girlfriend’s parents’ backyard shed. Autotune really helped hide the fact that I can’t sing for shit.

  • He got the chord progression from “Little Girl Blue”
  • On my bus heading to my house I was listening to different versions and covers of the song “Little Girl Blue” – an oldie that’s been rearranged throughout pop music history. Then I stumbled upon Nina Simone’s haunting Live at Montreux version of it. So I imported it to Ableton Live and (as usual) played around with the sample for an hour or so until I found a nice chord progression. And that became the basis of “DISHONEST.”

  • He plays guitar too
  • Growing up I was always into guitar shredding and I felt that adding a guitar solo would bring the song to an emotional climax. I took lots of inspiration from guitar players like John Petrucci and David Gilmour and eventually recorded the solo.

Q&A: lil lonely

What was going on when you made this song?

In essence “DISHONEST” is an unromantic love song. It’s a song you wouldn’t sing on a first date because of how much insecurity and fear it portrays. But that’s not the point. I wrote and produced “DISHONEST” during early summer of last year. I usually am all over the place when I produce; like at a friend’s studio or my girlfriend’s house. But most of the time at cafés where I like to zone out and be alone.

Your upcoming EP is also titled DI$HONEST. What’s the significance of that?

All of the themes in the EP revolve around a facade. Hell – lil lonely is a character and that in itself is my social and artistic mask. That’s why I named it DI$HONEST. Both the persona and the action figure of myself are my guise to hide behind my own insecurities and fears. An artist inherently puts on some form of a facade – either to sell a character they are portraying or to give meaning to their art. I feel like I’m in a perpetual mode of method acting; using lil lonely to justify my actions, my pretensions, and dishonesty.

The story behind the cover

lil lonely - dishonest

“This song is about me lying to the people closest to me; about what I wish I did and about what I wish I could’ve done to prevent things going to shit.

If the song can’t do any justice explaining my own fears and insecurities – I hope the album cover can.”

– lil lonely


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