This is how Immerze got rich and it had nothing to do with money

To fully be rich you need to be one with yourself


Immerze finally got rich the day he became a father. It was in that moment he realized what mattered to him – and it wasn’t money. This month Immerze released “Rich” as a reminder that richness is a state of mind and chasing money is a waste of time.

“Rich” was produced by Chef Byer and has a wavy tropical feel. It’s not a hungry banger about stacking cash or balling out. It’s a carefree song about finding peace and knowing your real worth. At the end of the day the happiest man is also the richest man. And right now Immerze is loaded.

6 things you should know about getting “Rich”

Money can’t buy everything

“The first time I held my daughters was the richest I’ve ever felt in my life. Nothing can match that feeling. Everything felt and feels like it’s supposed to. Money comes and goes but life is priceless.”

When Immerze had money it made him paranoid

“I loved the freedom of getting the things that I desired but I wasn’t one with myself. I found myself paranoid and on edge and just not complete at those times.”

Find a currency that works for you

“If I’m financially rich I can order anything on the McDonald’s menu and not stress. But to fully be rich you need to be one with yourself. You need to be at peace and understand your wants and needs and then proceed to hustle with a conscious mind.”

This track just missed the cut for Before I Go

“I originally was going to put this record on Before I Go but I didnt feel like i was doing the delivery justice. So I decided I’d come back to it when the time was right. Fast forward two years later and I’m finally starting to create the sound for my Corduroy Floyd album.”

Finances are still (slightly) important

“We live in a world where we need money to survive. That’s just the way the system is built. But we always want what we can’t have until we have it. For example an artist will dedicate their life to getting signed only to wish the ink didn’t dry when they finally do. That’s just the human nature of things.

Immerze has a new mission statement

“This record sums up what my entire mission is – hustle ’til I’m successful and forever stay humble. “Rich” makes me feel like Rocky going into the ring.”

Q&A: Immerze

What made you realize that being rich isn’t about having money?

We see it all around us every day – we see wealthy people get divorced, suffer from the loss of family and friends, commit suicide, suffer from depression… the list goes on. Why are these individuals so susceptible to those conditions? Because they’re human. Money just magnifies who you are. You can have money and still have a shitty life and that ain’t the kind of rich I wanna be.

Give me your own personal definition of richness.

My definition of rich is to have your mind, body, soul and finances balanced. Only then will you be able to enjoy all the fruits of your labour. I wanna ball out with my family and loved ones – not just strangers who are only messing with me ’cause I’m on.

What does this track mean to you on a personal level?

This record is like my hustle alarm clock. Recently I’ve been doubting myself. I needed to shake those negative thoughts and get my hustle mind calibrated again.

Tell me about the Chef Byer beat you used.

I told Chef the vibe I was going for and he told me he was going to hit me with some beats. It was one of those shitty rainy days in Vancouver and I was driving to work at 3:55 a.m. tired as fuck. And the first thing that came out of my mouth was the hook. It woke me up like this is groovy!

The story behind the cover art

“Shout out to Wa55up for the art. I just wanted to bring that feeling of when you go to the ATM and pull out $20. I want this song to make you feel like the ATM is just spitting money at you and things are going in your favour. Every day you’re alive is another day you got a shot at trying to get rich.”
– Immerze

Listen: “Rich”

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