God forgives and Jacobi IV doesn’t – here’s why

A couple friends didn't make the budget cuts

Jacobi IVPhoto by Sean Gardiner

Jacobi IV finally snapped. And he let it all out on his new video single – “Project 009”.

“Project 009” is the bonus cut off The Collection II – a four pack of songs Jacobi IV dropped last month. The release was a challenge for everyone to step their game up. And “Project 009” is its follow up.

This video is a response to everyone who’s ever done Jacobi IV wrong. He doesn’t forgive and he holds on to grudges. Once you’ve burnt a bridge there’s no going back. So tread carefully. And think twice before you do something snaky.

The story behind “Project 009”

“I was working on a bunch of songs just before a booked studio session that I was gonna cancel. But I was like “Fuck it! Let’s go!” and we ended up recording “Project 009″. I literally wrote the song, went to the studio and recorded the song the next day. And funnily enough we shot the video the very next day. It was a super cool three day process that will always be close to my heart. Because in the past I was never able to create that fast.”

4 things we learned about Jacobi IV

  • He’s (still) applying the pressure
  • The narrative for the video was applying pressure. I wanted it to be fast paced with lots of energy and I wanted the competition to know we’re coming full force this time around. We’re not slowing down!

  • This is what he means by “If it’s fuck you/ That’s for life/ I never take it back”
  • I hold grudges – I think thats my super power. And I remember everything. If you double crossed me in the past or if you were moving shady I remember that shit, man. There’s no coming back. So when I say “fuck you” that shit’s for life! No circumstances can make me take that back. God forgives and I don’t.

  • There’s a reason he made a bonus cut

    We wanted to keep The Collection II short and sweet. Also with my name being “IV” we wanted there to be only four songs. Osa and I made the call to keep it off The Collection II during the recording process (the song was done months before we even planned The Collection II). But during the finalization process (the stage just before we send it off to be mixed and mastered) we felt like it fit the theme of the project – which was apply pressure. So we threw it on there as a bonus record.

  • This is his first time working with Nikko Bunkin
  • This song was prod by Nikko Bunkin – a producer I met on YouTube. I wanted to stray away from my normal producers to try and get a different sound this time around. And I think we did just that. I hit him up for the beat, did the song and the video and it came out amazing. We will definitely be doing more songs you can look out for in the future.

Q&A: Jacobi IV

Who are you calling out in this video?

I’ve been on a wave these past few months. Man. It’s been crazy. I’ve got people hitting me up that don’t really fuck with me, acting like we’re cool just ’cause they see us working. Which is expected. This song was just letting them know the bridge is still burnt and there’s no coming back from that. If you thought a DM saying “I’m so proud of you I see you working hard!” would change our relationship, you played yourself.

What’s the significance of the title “Project 009”?

It’s a folder of music that I’ve been experimenting with. They’re their own little projects. This one was the ninth one in the folder. Look for more projects to drop – they won’t be in order but they will drop.

Watch: Project 009

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