Devontée is still working on excellence – and here’s what that looks like

All his karma’s coming back

Devontee - All It TakesPhoto by Jaz Miyagi

Devontée is still working on excellence. But he’s switched his approach. And this year he’s giving his all. That’s why he wrote “All It Takes.”

“All It Takes” was produced by Gloman as a bouncy and futuristic motivational anthem. It’s about putting in work, having good karma and getting it back in return.

There’s a reason Devontée coined the term “WOE” (working on excellence) and there’s a reason he’s made it his mandate. He’s not just in it for himself – he wants to inspire and he wants excellence for everyone around him.

Why I wrote this song

“This is a really fun, inspirational and personal song. I talk about my life and what it takes to give “All It Takes” in this life. I recorded the song in an hour at Vibes Spot Studios just as the new year started. In life I’ve been giving it my all. Working On Excellence is really how I’m living with all my things in life.”

3 things we learned about Devontée

  • He’s switching lanes
  • When I say I’m “switching lanes” it just means I’m off of anything negative or things that I don’t want around me. I’ve changed with my work ethic and work even smarter than before by always pushing the envelope.

  • This is what he means by “All my karma’s coming back/ I treat y’all like queens and kings!”
  • You get what you give in life. And I know I’m in control of everything. So if I give it my all then I don’t expect anything less to come back to me. I spread love and try my best to help others. That’s just who God raised me to be.

  • He met Gloman through Daxz
  • I met Gloman in LA when Daxz invited me over to his studio and they were in there cooking up some crazy vibes! We just linked and he sent me over a couple of beats and “All It Takes” was one of them. It was so hard and the bounce and melody were futuristic – just how I like it!

What’s the end goal in giving “all it takes”?

The end goal is the Kingdom. So it’s a lot of work to get in there and inspire others

The story behind the cover

Devontee - All It Takes

“One photo was taken in Venice beach by my cousin Jaz Miyagi and the other was taken in Toronto by my fiancé Summer.

I chose these photos because I felt the contrast of the two pictures and outfits and looks were the perfect combo that makes a whole day. Because you have to give all it takes all day.”

– Devontée

Listen: All It Takes

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