Day Adams and Talké flipped the bird and made this song for fun

Got this girl wrapped around their finger

Photo by @miabokhari

Sometimes you just need to make music without a filter. That’s what Day Adams and Talké did. And they wound up making “Middle Finger.”

“Middle Finger” was produced by Josh Petruccio as a bouncy and carefree party anthem. It’s the soundtrack for all those times you’ve just let loose and said “Fuck it!”

It’s about letting go of expectations and not taking things too seriously. But it’s also an important reminder to not get caught up. Day and Talké are just looking for fun and don’t want to get involved. They’re just enjoying the moment.

4 things we learned about Day Adams and Talké

  • Usually they’re perfectionists
  • We were turning up and having fun. And that caused us to make music without a filter. That means a lot because we’re usually perfectionists when it comes to releasing music. So having the chance to release something fun and in the moment is a great learning experience for us.

  • Day has known Talké since grade school
  • Talké and I have known each other since elementary school and we’ve been friends for a while. We started listening to music together during first year. And when I started producing a few years back I made most of my beats for Talké.

  • This is what Talké means by “I don’t got no trust baby”
  • I think my trust issues stem from previous relationships with women. There’s also a difference in how they treat you before and after they find out you’re making music. As a result I tend to put less trust on to others and more in myself.

  • They made this song instead of going out
  • We’d come back from from a pre. But instead of going out we went for music. Josh Petruccio made this beat. He makes a lot of real good beats and Talké stumbled upon it and show me so we reached out to Josh.

Q&A: Day Adams

What was going on when you wrote this?

Enjoying women, having fun and a lot of partying. We’re in university making music. Shit gets pretty lit sometimes.

Tell me about the female who inspired you to write this.

It’s not really about one female. It’s more about our general experiences with certain types of girls we come across.

The story behind the cover photo

“It’s Dave Chappelle holding the middle finger with John Legend’s wife. Captured exactly how we’re feeling right now.”

– Day Adams

Listen: Middle Finger

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