Curtis Waters’ first relationship failed – and that’s why he wrote “Prom Night”

We’ve been in this far too long

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Curtis Waters really likes girls. The Calgary born and North Carolina based artist is still a high school senior, but he’s already had more than his fair share of young love and heartbreak. And he incorporates all his feelings about the girls in his life into his music.

His latest track “Prom Night” is about his first love and the point when he realized their once-budding relationship had run its course: “I ain’t sure if the time’s right. I ain’t sure if my mind’s right.”

Like many of Waters’ tracks, “Prom Night” is self-produced. The beat dates back to 2016 when he was just starting out as a producer. It’s one of his most uptempo and pop influenced tracks to date, and it underlines his versatility as a vocalist and as a producer. Plus it just sounds happy – even if the lyrics are sad.

The story behind Prom Night

“Prom Night” was inspired by my first serious girlfriend. We had been dating for a while and we both knew our expiration date had come and gone. But we stayed together because we were comfortable. So it’s basically about just being done with that situation. And to be honest I have never been to prom nor do I think I will go. I like the idea of a perfect high school life with dances and sports but I fucking hate sports and am too awkward in real life to dance. I just think the idea is cool.

4 things you need to know about Curtis Waters

  • He started producing to get back at his ex
  • I started as a producer after my ex girlfriend cheated on me. I was so heartbroken so I started watching Chief Keef and Lil B videos. And I thought – and still think – they were so cool and I wanted to be just like them. I knew I had to pick up music and stunt on my ex. I was not confident enough to just start rapping so I eased into it by doing production.

  • Getting comfortable with his voice was challenging
  • I started rapping after I started producing and it took me a while to get comfortable enough with my voice to finally tackle the type of beats I want to tackle. I have some really special beats I made over the past few years though. And I can finally get on them now because I got enough practice off of The Hot Boy Tape.

  • He’s still in high school
  • I’ve got a few more months of high school left. But I am not 100% sure what I am doing with my life afterwards. I think I might go to university to study music business and do music on the side ’til I can pursue music full time. I’m from Calgary but I actually live in North Carolina currently. And I want to move to Toronto but it’s too cold there so I don’t know what I’m going to do.

  • Girls are his biggest inspiration
  • Most of my energy regarding music comes from girls. Man, I love girls so much. Girls rock! I respect them! I also love my Mom a lot.

Q&A: Curtis Waters

You have a lot of posts on Instagram with different girlfriends like your “short gf”, your “Persian princess”, and your “manic pixie dream girl”. Are these all your actual exes?

First of all – this is the best question I have ever gotten for an interview. And I don’t believe in rigid labels. But for the sake of the question yes, let’s say that they are my exes. I am on good terms with all of them though. I am a very friendly guy!

Would you say you’re someone who hops from girlfriend to girlfriend a lot?

Yeah I guess so. Monogamy is overrated when you’re young. I just find cool, cute girls on Instagram, get to know them personally and emotionally, have fun, and then move on while staying friends. Writing this out makes me seem like an asshole. But I assure you it’s totally mutual, relaxed and normal. And besides do people still seriously date anyways?

How do the new girls feel about there being so many exes around?

They’re cool. A lot of them actually end up becoming friends and we all hang out.

Listen: Prom Night

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