7Lakes made a rap video at No Frills – and they did it on a $0 budget

Call me King Arthur

King Arthur - 7LakesPhoto by @bymabbas

You don’t need a lot of money to make a great rap video. And 7Lakes is proof of that. Their video for “King Arthur” was shot on a $0 budget in front of No Frills. And it’s one of their best videos yet.

7Lakes is a Brampton crew consisting of two producers (Superziah and Iceman) and two vocalists (Quincy Black and Jacoy The Savior). They make experimental genre-blender music and low budget DIY videos.

“King Arthur” is the sixth track off 7Lakes Tape Vol. 2 and one of the cockiest songs 7Lakes has ever made. It’s a braggadocious turn up with lots of flex. And what better place to flex than at No Frills at 12:35 a.m.?

4 things you should know about “King Arthur”

  • The video was inspired by one of Quincy’s lines
  • The idea for the video was inspired by a line in my verse where I say: “Laughing at you broke boys pushing dime bags! Working at No Frills, looking ass still pushing carts!” Since it was a cypher type beat I figured why don’t we just shoot a video using No Frills as a backdrop? No diss to No Frills and the people who work there! The line was just too nice not to say!

  • This was the second video of the day
  • We shot this video on the same day we shot the “Accident” video … obviously hours later. We wanted to make sure the shooting location was empty when we got there. More people causes more problems.

  • It started with a throwaway beat from Superziah
  • I started making the beat when we just got in the studio. We were going to make a throwaway song so I just threw something together quickly. First I found an 80s digital piano that sounds kind of like a harpsichord. Then I made a melody and added some 808s and drums. That’s why it feels sort of empty-ish. But the guys liked it and we ended up using it.

  • Quincy directed the video but he didn’t shoot it
  • It’s tough because you surrender control of the camera. But the key is to be prepared. You have to think about how you you want it shot and plan. So when you get to shooting it’s easy to frame and direct how you want it to look. But it’s also cool to empower others to shoot. Iceman ended up shooting it and the video came out great.

What is your favourite line in this song?

  • Jacoy The Savior

  • “If that pagan want a problem I’m ‘a teach him how to spazz!” A pagan is someone who more or less doesn’t believe in the saviour. So it’s a play on my rap name and it sounds hard AF.

  • Superziah

  • “Girls stay smoking, sipping, sniffing empty everything. ‘Cause you a drug fiend baby, you a drug fiend!” It reminds me of somebody who was in my life.

  • Quincy Black
  • “Call me King Arthur! You are more like the aardvark. Clench your fists against me and get torn apart!” I just thought it was a clever line. That Arthur meme going around used to make me laugh. But to be honest Arthur the aardvark isn’t gonna do anything with those clenched fists. The line ended up inspiring the name of the song.

    Q&A: Quincy Black

    Was this all done in one take?

    It was definitely done in one take. It was freezing cold that day and we couldn’t handle it. So we just took three takes and prayed one of the takes would work. As you can see one did!

    What was your budget for this video?


    What’s the secret to making a low budget video that doesn’t look like crap?

    Just get creative, have fun and have faith in whatever your going to make. People just want good content and fun visuals. You gotta feed the streets! There’s also something about low budget DIY videos that has an authentic feel. Brockhampton is another group who probably shares these values. Don’t be lazy and don’t limit your creativity.

    Watch: King Arthur

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